Mission Statement

In partnership with Navy ROTC, we would like students to acquire skills which they can take beyond high school, college, and or military service. associating the school with the Military Naval Academy ROTC will instill an atmosphere of social discipline and national pride. the program design will offer more technical programs, math and computer skills, as well as nautical skills such as marine biology, biology, introduction to water crafts-kayaks to small ships, swimming/ water pressure, aircraft panel introduction, weather forecasting, navigation and astronomy, lake and stream maintenance, water purification and desalination, fish hatcheries-evaluation and restoration of species, code ciphering, radar introduction, shipping-storage and weights, future ocean clean up, and any other related nautical skills and projects which can be of interest to students. the Howard Children Foundation has spoken with administration and us navy officers in Athens, Georgia and the Washington DC. area and they have offered their support as soon as the school begins construction.

The Howard Children Foundation would like to hire a panel very familiar with the local school system, along with the Navy Academy ROTC to design a complete four year program which will include many naval related programs within the community and projects which may involve training outside the community. we want the curriculum to retain the interest of the students and offer stimulating learning alternatives.

The Howard Children Foundation will need an architect to make all plans for the school and grounds. we will need a field planner to design all areas which will be needed for nautical programs which will be included in the curriculum. we are open to experts and advise which can help and promote a complete and sound program which will give basic courses, however, offering more stimulating and interesting work within the community, technical skills which can be used on our waterways, oceans, lakes and vast river systems around the world.

The Howard Children Foundation would like to erect housing for young urban youth who would like to attend the academy who are not in the immediate area. the initial idea is three homes, 6 boys assigned to each home monitored by retired teachers. When there is an expansion in the program, separate homes for girls will be erected, also. we will need architects, builders, field planners, and road construction.

To build the new school in the Elberton community, the Howard Children Foundation would need approximately the following funding to begin building the housing compound for our youth, the Howard Children Foundation would need approximately the following funding.

For land acquirement- 250,000 dollars. functioning office for two years-250,000 dollars Howard Children Foundation will hire professionals for exact totals for school, housing, and all operations.

the Howard Children Foundation is available at any time for meeting and conferences. We welcome your interest and more information for educating our youth, and helping them stay interested in our school programs.

Contact the Howard Children Foundation at this number 706-213-7218. 1 will be more than happy to discuss any further details, or provide any additional information you may need.

Thank you,

Officer C. Howard, Founder and CEO